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My mission is to provide you with the latest energy therapy techniques and technologies-as well as the intuition to see beyond the complaint or dis-ease and reveal the underlying blocks to your healing.

Please note that while I am an M.D. I am not practicing medicine on or through this site. While my practice of medicine gives me unique insights into wellness and disease I recommend you always check with your regular doctor regarding your health or medications. (please see full disclosure at botttom) My working with you requires you understand and agree with this disclosure.

What I really do is help you learn what energy therapy is and teach you how to remove toxins and other energetic blocks to self- healing. As a medical intuitive and energy healer my firm belief and experience is that our own inner intelligence can resolve any health issue we may have-both physical and emotional.

The testimonial found below can give you an idea of the power of energy therapy!

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PARALYSIS​: A Client Testimonial

I contacted Dr. Bailey in August of 2009.  My major complaint was  paralysis in my legs-which began 11 years ago. Doctors had misdiagnosed me with ALS and when this turned out to be wrong no cause was ever determined. I was unable to stand or bear weight on my legs.  I decided to ask Dr Bailey to be my practitioner because he was an MD as well as a healer and I thought this might be helpful in dealing with my complaints.

In our first session Dr Bailey was able to stop the chronic pain in my back. This has not returned. He found toxins in my spinal cord that had been present for several years. After our second session I was able to feel a connection between my legs and my body that I had not felt for a long time.  After a third session I was able to wiggle my toes and move my feet up and down.  

There has been a slow but positive progression in the movement of my feet and legs.  I am now able to move my legs sideways when I transfer (slide) from my wheelchair.  I was forced to physically pick my legs up and move them before my sessions with Dr. Bailey. Each progression has been permanent

   I was overwhelmed with other problems in my life and stopped sessions for several months.  Even during this time I continued to improve.   I contacted Dr. Bailey and told him I was diagnosed with asthma and he was able to clear this.

This did more than the inhaler I was prescribed by my regular MD.  In fact after Dr Bailey cleared the blocks, I was able to stand in my standing frame, a piece of equipment that holds me in a vertical position, for 45 minutes.  Before it was cleared I was down to only 5 minutes at a time.  This has been consistent since Dr. Bailey’s treatment which was several weeks ago.

I have been amazed at the results and the fact that the treatments last.  

He has also treated pinched nerves in my back and neck on two occasions and these too have gone away.

I have an overall feeling of well being.  Whatever progress I have made has been permanent.  Although I have been in a wheelchair for 11 years, I know that I am moving and almost walking again with the help of Dr. Bailey. 

Energy Healing and Dr.Bailey have changed my life!

Sally A. (Sandy, Oregon, USA)
Disclaimer Overview​
Dr. Bailey's techniques are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental. Working with him should not be construed as a prescription, a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved.  The information, instruction or advice given by a Dr. Bailey is not intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional. Dr. Bailey is expressly not practicing medicine through his activities as a "healer".  As a client, you must take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being.  READ the complete disclaimer>>>
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